Posted by: Gay Potter | October 19, 2009

Gay Potter’s review of Real Estate in Mexico – not much different from Phoenix, AZ but we don’t have a beach!

We just got back from a trip to our neighboring Mexico destination, Rocky Point, a quick four hour drive.  Many for sale signs – just like Phoenix, AZ,  lots of people – just like Phoenix, AZ,  high rise buildings with halted production and bargain basement deals being offered – just like the Phoenix, AZ, shop keepers needing a sale to help keep doors open – just like Phoenix, AZ!  Despite swine flu warnings and noticeable, heightened military presence (due to increase drug activity in the area), it was not much different than our usual Mexico trips.davegaysailing    Although the last two listed items kept some of the regular Mexico travelers away, we were not deterred.   It was the wild ride we took on our Hobie Cat 18 from Sandy Beach to the estuary, that made us question our Mexico trip!  It was approximate 20 or so miles, one way.  A “Monday walk in the park”, as described by my friend, Susan, who is more experienced sailor and crews for her husband, as I do.   Chris Jernigan of the Cat House and his crew Karen were on this trip too which lulled me into a comfort zone since I knew Karen had not been feeling well, surely Chris would not take her on anything difficult! WRONG!   My friend Barb grabbed a ride on a 16 with Rex – she was not worried, she is way more experienced than we are!   The walk of course was a sail, but in reality…………..strictly, lots of WORK!  Sandy BeachBefore our departure from the beach, as I was putting the cat wheels under the boat as Dave lifted it, I ran smack into the dolphin striker!  Quickly I put my hand on my head hoping no blood would be found..nope…blood, inch and half gash and a pounding headache.  I could see the disappointment on Dave’s face as he realized we might be beach bound.  We cleaned it up a bit and realized it was closing by itself, so I said, give me some Advil and a baseball cap and lets go!  Off we went back to the beach! Las Gaviotas Resort, Rocky Point Mexico We have very little experience with beach departures with LARGE WAVES.  We were told once we got out a ways the waters would smooth out (not true).  My instructions from the beach sailors (who I asked if they felt like fathers sending their kindergarten kids off to school) was to stay on the front beam after I set the jib and set the daggers on each side, (but not all the way they yelled after I had already completed the task) I quickly scrambled to pull them back up half way and return to my place on the front beam.  I felt like Ariel perched on her look out rock as of the boat bucked vertically in the air four to six times. Pretty sure that one was an attempt for a back flip but she (boats are she’s) decided not to go for it – THANK GOD! On we went to meet our friends and the small fleet that were waiting for us.  With quick instructions to Dave about how to kick it up a notch from Denny (Susan’s husband, let’s just call him Crazy Denny!), we traveled down through rough seas, a couple of times questioning whether we could actually hang with the more experienced sailors in front of us.  The 18 with wings went over on the way down and it amazed me how quickly all responded to help right the boat.  By the time Dave was ready to dive in and I at the helm, they got it righted. Good job skipper and crew!Rocky Point Map With The shore and its recognizable housing passed at a quick pace as we made it to the opening to the estuary!  Sailing the serene waters of the estuary made the rough trip down worth it. (sorta) Dave enjoyed his cold beers and fresh oysters on the half shell and I had a ceviche tostada (another mistake)  at our destination, a shack with a dirt floor. Since the tide was quickly going out we did not stay long – then the really bad news………the waters were going to be rougher going back!  Thank goodness the water was warm, the winds were not that strong and we did not have to tack (change direction).  Our trip back is best described as 90+ minutes in the agitate cycle of a washing machine – I keep praying for the spin cycle…..anything………a break just to rest a bit but nope – just the agitate cycle.   At one point I turned to Dave and said, okay let’s think of the positive things about the moment…..we are spending quality time together…TRYING TO SURVIVE!!!!!!!!!  Later I was hit by a huge rogue wave that nearly took my breath away – NOW THAT IS GOING TO COST YOU SOME JEWERLY!, I exclaimed!   Sonoran Spa Resort at Sandy Beach: Arriving to the Sonoran Sea ( GATED with Security )Sandy Beach never looked better to me as we sailed right up on it – Denny and Susan were there to greet us and Denny exclaimed – “no more sailing lessons for you two – you have just graduated!”   I told him he was not off the hook that easy as we were just stupid and durable – we still needed his expertise! As I leaned against our boat I thought we needed to thank her for all her hard work.  I then realized she did not have a name, when Dave got back to the beach, I introduced his girlfriend (I have always called her that) BABS, short for Bad Ass Betty, she earned that name!  We all enjoyed end of the day with  quick dip in the hot tub, a great sunset and a great meal at La Curva.  I have to ask myself, would I do it again……….yep!  Might question my friend Sue a bit more, but yes, life is an adventure!




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