Posted by: Gay Potter | January 29, 2009

Gay Potter’s Purse is Getting Thinner – How About Yours? Maybe a Loan Modification Would Help?

Everywhere I go someone is talking about the economy or cutting back on things like luxury itemsimage, trips, some even had to hold back a semester from school just to work for a bit.  Every day more and more clients are struggling or just wondering how empty the purse will be in the future.   Heck, today I heard even GOOGLE has their hand out to the federal government!   What is that about???   As we all go forward with the uncertain future, remember we are all in this together!  Continue to volunteer and encourage all those around you!    My friend Justin McHood (check out my previous post “The Real@jmchood”) decided to help those around him by writing this great post on Loan Modifications.   “Loan Modification:  What you can expect if you are not currently late.”  imageThank you Justin for filling us in with your experience.   To see that the “Real @Jmchood” looks like, please visit the previous post – we all know and love him in this persona!  Have mortgage questions – give him a call.

If you have questions on the loan modifications, whether you are behind on your payments or not, Justin or I would be happy to speak with you .  Please contact me to get a property evaluation and some professional advice about what is the best avenue for you to pursue with your property.  With the dropping valley real estate values, you home may not be worth as much as you owe on it.  If short sale is needed, they take some time to complete and a professional REALTOR helps  simplify the process.  

Contact me with any of your questions.




  1. Gay,

    Thanks for helping spread the word about Loan Modifications – it is amazing to see how many people don’t know what is possible… and they are just searching for answers and don’t exactly know who to call or talk to.


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