Posted by: Gay Potter | January 26, 2009

Gay Potter & Friend hike Saguaro Lake area

Sunday afternoon, great friends, great trail and incredible weather! What you don’t see is that we had to cross the river twice (4 times for Joyce & Gay to pick up our irrigation boots). Upon reaching the summit and taking some incredible pictures, we decided to check out the trail just a bit further down the way and ran out of marked trail – seeing where we needed to be we went for it – down the crevasse. Lisa at times was not so happy with trail leader Gay, but in the end what an accomplishment for these over age 40 and some nearing 50 (sooner than they would like to). We made it back one hour sooner than retracing our steps on the trail and saw more virgin country – SPECTACULAR! Driving home with Gay’s pants hanging out the window to dry – we could not wait to enjoy a Margarita or beer and the delicious chips-n-salsa. The hot tub was never more appreciated! Hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as we enjoyed taking them!


  1. Looks like a good workout. Some beautiful scenery.

  2. Beautiful scenery!! Hard to see what I’m missing! LOL! You go GIRLS!

  3. Awesome pics. I have hiked back in that area and did an adventure race there once. It rivals any place in the state for beauty. And once you are off the trail there is not a soul in sit. Good for you and your friends for exploring it and sharing it with us.

  4. Looks awesome… Let’s do it!!!

  5. Gay – that definitely is some amazing views! I wish I had your drive and motivation, I could let you drag me out there and I could hate you too for making me! But I know in the end I would love you for it! Take this rookie out and show me some of those views! I’d trust ya! Thanks for sharing that slide show!

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