Posted by: Gay Potter | January 24, 2009

Gay Potter introduces the “Real ” @jmchood

justinGay Potter on Twitter wants you to meet Justin McHood aka @jmchood on Twitter.  Justin tries to pass himself off as this blue shirt wearing nice mortgage guy!   Those of us who know and love him see the “Real” @jmchood.   See the resemblance?  Buddy of the Incredibles – has been exposed!  When Justin is not wreaking havoc on his friends, his day job is at        Arizona Mortgage Team    

           Got mortgage, Get Justin! image






  1. Now you know what I look like with a *black* shirt on!

    — Justin

  2. The resemblance is striking!

  3. Yep — there some definite DNA matches here!

  4. He does look exactly like that by half time of an ASU football game.

  5. […] all those around you!    My friend Justin McHood (check out my previous post “The Real@jmchood”) decided to help those around him by writing this great post on Loan Modifications.   […]

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