Posted by: Gay Potter | December 29, 2008

Gay Potter rides the Phoenix Light Rail on Grand Opening Day, December 27, 2008

Gay Potter and some great friends set out on Saturday, Dec. 27th for the Light Rail Grand opening.  The adventure began at Sycamore and Main rail stop.  Jumping on the city transit express bus, a first for most of the group, DSC02984 catching a ride to the end of the rail line at  Montebello and 19th Avenue. The spacious bus had plenty of seats and very comfortable.  At Montebello and 19th the group jumped on the Light Rail after a short wait.  Standing room only on the rail to the 3rd Street and Jefferson stop to partake of the festivities in down town Phoenix.  The rail stopped at each station to attempt to pick up more passengers. The crowded rail cars were full, the doors would close without adding a passenger.  Interesting to see how close the stops were to great places to visit such as the Heard Museum or Brophy College Prepatory.  A good web site that identifies businesses within a block of each station is or by business category.   Light Rail Day was a great time with special friends, below click on picture of Gay and Cammy Clevenger on the escalator (to see slide show) in the Phoenix Civic Center.  Gay Potter, Cammy Clevenger

The highlight at on Central was touring the Civic Center complete with its new face lift,  Beautiful! 

Dining at the historic Matador Mexican Food restaurant was a real treat.  The green mix burro was delicious!  The return trip from down town was not as uneventful.  The wait for the rail was one and a half hours long.   Reasons given for the delay were numerous, ranging from electrical issues, operator error, two cars removed from service for clean up after a couple patrons threw up and one person requiring emergency services.  Finally a rail car arrived and off we went, packed in like sardines.   At one point, my feet were surrounded by nine little kids sitting on the floor of the rail car.  Carefully I balanced my way through the rail motion of stops and starts without the aid of bar to hang on to.   It was a bit like surfing!  Luckily – no injuries occurred – even when some over zealous passengers shoved their way into an already pack rail car.   All in all, it was a successful long and tiring day.



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