Posted by: Gay Potter | December 22, 2008

The real Gay Potter wages war on Harry Potter and Dumbledore!


Graduation from Arizona State University seems like such a long time ago.  I remember thinking at the time – never again would I attend classes and work to get credits to graduate from anything.  Maybe I would take a photography class, something interesting?  Since that time I have realized that “life” is the classroom and we all should strive to learn and expand our knowledge to enrich our lives.   A life / business problem popped up recently – I wanted/needed “Gay Potter” to me found in the Google search so my clients could find me.  I needed to find a way to get my name in Google search, I think I was found way down in page 100 or something, I really had to look for it.  Everyone else was talking about getting in the top ten searches for property in a given city or property type   Not me,  I had a war to wage against Harry Potter and Dumbledore!  With the disclosure that Dumbledore is gay and all the questions about “is Harry Potter gay?”, I had a problem!  I don’t care if Harry Potter is gay or about Dumbledores’  sexual orientation.  I care that I am the “real Gay Potter” and I set out to claim my rights to the top 10 spots in the Google search for “Gay Potter“.   I needed to go back to school.  My schooling has been on my own and aided greatly by some fellow Realtors who have been more than generous with their help. Big thanks goes out to Candace Robinson and  PhoenixRealEstateGuy.  Without their willingness to give back to the blogging community I would still be searching the vast Internet by myself.  

As I mentioned in the previous post, I knew very little about this whole topic of Internet marketing or even what a blog was or what it was for.  Thank goodness I was introduced to the AZREBN, check out my previous post Blog-Tag-Link-Flickr-Pod Cast-Twitter- HELP!!!!! 

I attended the December 2008image meeting featuring SEO expert Emily Leach It  was held at the Scottsdale  Area Association of Realtors (SAAR).  Here I received my new list of terms that I did not have any idea what they were or what they meant.

SEO – search engine optimization (I had heard it thrown around in discussion),social book marking, footprints (&hiding them),host gator,lunar pages, freshness rating, 301 redirect, twitter, meta description tag, IP addresses, conversion traffic on site traffic hubs, and the list continues.

A couple of sites mentioned were  – for distribution of articles,, –  free keyword tool.

A recommendation was also given to join a SEO meetup group.  I joined the Meetup Phoenix group.  At lunch that day, Jay, D Patrick Lewis and Evo Terra encouraged me to jump into the Twitter world or social networking.  In class it was mentioned that each tweet (each conversation is called) helps build content on your web page.  So, I thought I would give it a try, I can be found as gaypotter on twitter.  On Friday, I jumped in with both feet and on Saturday I am thrilled to announce that the Google search for Gay Potter, my website came up as #1 on Saturday!  Twitter Rocks! Gay Potter prevails at the moment and had set her sights on the top 10 google spots. Step aside Harry Potter and Dumbledore! Just Blog!




  1. Gay – I’m so glad you have taken heed and joined the forces in blogging and social media! I want you to know that KNOWLEDGE is POWER and you my friends will be leaps and bounds above your competition for doing so! Keep up the great job, Blog on! Great to see you at the AZREBN meetup! See you in the new year!

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