Posted by: Gay Potter | September 28, 2008

Proposed Park and Ride location – McDowell / Gilbert Road

The Lehi Community Improvement Association was invited  in August 2008 to the City of Mesa’s planning session for the proposed Park and Ride location on the north east Corner of McDowell and Gilbert Road.     


Click below for a google map of the area in question.



Suggestions were made for redesign to take the bus route in the area in question, closer to the freeway and away from the homes located to the north.    A request for review of the ingress/egress to the property and the effect increased stopping / turning traffic will have on the already busy freeway intersection.    The City did have plans to incorporate an area for horse trailer parking.  Gay Potter suggested that the  design be submitted to the Mesa Police Department’s design review as it pertains to public safety and crime statistics.  Concern was raised on safety or police presence in the area due to the increased traffic that is already inherit along the 202 freeway.

As a resident of Lehi, a rural community, I will be watching closely on the decisions to place a Park and Ride in our community.   I am not completely sold on the location due to the current traffic patterns of the intersection.  I look forward to the police departments review of the design.   The other question I have is…..since it does not hook directly to the light rail, what are all the advantages of having it at this location.   I would also like to know what other locations have been considered for this project?

Park-and-Ride Locations for the Light Rail
  1. 19th Avenue/Montebello Avenue
  2. 19th Avenue/Camelback Road
  3. Central Avenue/Camelback Road
  4. 38th Street/Washington Street 
  5. Dorsey Lane/Apache Boulevard
  6. McClintock Road/Apache Boulevard
  7. Price Freeway/Apache Boulevard
  8. Sycamore Street/Main Street

See maps of the initial alignment, including Park-n-Ride locations.

Light Rail Park-and-Ride

METRO will have eight park-and-ride locations on the initial 20-mile light rail alignment. Park-and-rides will have closed-circuit security cameras and emergency telephones. Parking will be free.   Nick Bastin, a fellow Realtor and blogger has a passion for the light rail. Place his blog,  in your reader to keep up on the happenings with the light rail.


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