Posted by: Gay Potter | September 28, 2008

Horses – one of my passions!

Those of you who know me know of my love for horses, some of you share the passion.   Those  of you who are just getting to know me  – horses and every thing about them, I love!!  It is not just the horses, it is what comes along with it.  The camaraderie and the many places they can take us.  Through my blogging, I will be taking you on our adventures, mostly with “Arizona Cowgirls”.    We are not alone in this passion,  the following clip profiles our “cowgirl sisters”, one of them is 101 years old and still inspiring others with her passion.

Enjoy the clip on “American Cowgirl”.  Click around the web site and enjoy!

Connie Reeves still riding and sharing her passion of horses at 101 years old!   An inspiration to all of us !


  1. Cool! Got to here thru plaxo. But you still need to except me as one of your people i think!

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