Posted by: Gay Potter | September 28, 2008

AWGA’s Ambassador Program at Camelback Golf Resort

 golfballspilled Camelback Golf Resort is  hosting another AWGA Ambassador program!   It begins at 3 p.m. Today!  Approximately 20 women will advanced their knowledge and skills in the game of golf.  Professional instruction and a beautiful course – what more could a golf girl ask for!   Several other programs will be starting around the valley.  The cost is $195.00 and includes six sessions, the first five with PGA Pro instruction,  the six session is a 9 hole scramble with your Ambassadors.   I volunteer as an Ambassador and enjoy sharing my knowledge and love of golf with those whose also want to improve in the game. 

For more Information on the upcoming program” beginning mid October 2008, contact Gay Potter 480-694-1172 or .   Join us for six, one hour lessons.  Improve your game and meet other women golfers!



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