Posted by: Gay Potter | September 28, 2008

AWGA Ambassador program at Camelback Golf Club

AWGA – Ambassador Program at Camelback Golf Resort welcomed 20 women golfers as the series of six golf lesson began Sept 28, 2008. A little introduction to the golf game, the golf club and the golf swing. The ladies got to test out their swings and got to meet and great each other.

The second week the ladies learned a bit more about their full swing and practiced all the technique that they have learned.  Adding the skill of chipping, they spent time perfecting their short game.   Everyone loves to hit them long and straight but chipping and putting are where you can save many, many strokes.

The volunteers for the Camelback Ambassador Program are Nora, Gloria, Gay, Vivian and Susan.

For more information on the AWGA Ambassador program, see dates offered at or email me at


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