Posted by: Gay Potter | September 27, 2008

Blog-Tag-Link-Flickr-Pod Cast-Twitter- HELP!!!!!

imageBlog, tag, link, flickr,pod cast, twitter – four months ago I had no idea what any of these words meant.   Since attending an informational blogging class sponsored by , followed by an educational seminar by the , it has been a slippery slope of education, but no fear,  HELP has arrived!!!!!!   Both classes featured as a guest speaker , Jay Thompson, of Thompson Realty .  Jay is known as the in the Blogging world.    Yesterday I attended another  Arizona Real Estate Blogging Network seminar which featured Jay.  The topic for the seminar yesterday was “linking”.  Candace was podcasting it with a live stream (another new term) to the blogging world and fielding questions from the virtual participants.  We are all grateful for all Jay’s expertise and his willingness to share and educate others on the world of blogging.   I have attached the link to the “Real Estate Blogging – Link Building” that Jay posted to his blog for all of us to be able to refer back to and to share with the blogging family.   Thank you Jay for your generosity and enthusiasm!

I would also like to thank my friend , (the founder of the AZREBN), with out her help and tutelage I would still be searching for information.   , also receives big thank you.  Steve taught the first class I attended on the subject of WordPress.  I am still trying to put together my own .org blog – I will get there!  Steve has no idea how much he helped me the in fledgling stages of this blog.  Steve also introduced me to ““, I love it and it is the tool I use to publish my blog content.   Steve, I promise I will start writing about real estate now that I sorta get how all this works!  Another person I would like to thank is   Debbie and I have joined hands in on this journey of blogging and soon we will be blogging with the best of them!! 

My new motto – JUST BLOG!!!!!!!



  1. Thanks for the kind words Gay!

    Your blog is looking good. JUST BLOG!!!!

  2. Gay – Great Blog. You are so far ahead of me my friend. I will get there I promise.

  3. Gay- Nice job with the content this week. And I love your new motto. JUST BLOG!

    PS- Love to have you post an entry in the “worst real estate photo” contest.

  4. Gay – It’s been so much fun watching you take on this new venture with blogging! Your personality is truly the kind that excites me the most. Your passion, your desire and you have no fear to engage immediately! No doubt a wonderful quality that your clients see too! Thank you for the kind words and best of luck in launching your Blog! Looks fabulous! Just BLOG!

  5. The blog is lookin’ good! I have a hunch that it won’t be long before we catch you on twitter… look out, it gets addicting.

  6. How you think when the economic crisis will end? I wish to make statistics of independent opinions!

  7. […] As I mentioned in the previous post that I knew very little about this whole topic of Internet marketing or even what a blog was or what it was for.  Thank goodness I was introduced to the AZREBN, check out my previous post Blog-Tag-Link-Flickr-Pod Cast-Twitter- HELP!!!!!  […]

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