Posted by: Gay Potter | June 27, 2008

Lehi Community Improvement Association

contact Gay Potter

contact Gay Potter

Lehi Community Improvement Association has applied for a non profit status – I believe that has been obtained.   I pulled these bylaws from a proposed document.  I believe we should get an updated copy of this document.



Lehi Community Improvement Association

A non profit, unincorporated association

Article 1. Organization: Lehi Community Improvement Association (LCIA) is a nonprofit unincorporated association in Mesa, Arizona, organized for the purpose of protecting and enhancing the particular housing inventory and rural lifestyle typically found in the City of Mesa Sub area plan called “Lehi”. The Lehi Community Improvement Association was formed in the mid 1990’s by concerned homeowners in the Lehi Sub-Area to monitor development activity regarding the Loop 202 Freeway. The Lehi Community Improvement Association continues to act as an umbrella organization to address issues affecting the community. [Source: Lehi Sub Area Plan, Adopted by Resolution 8655 on January 23, 2006


City of Mesa, Lehi sub area plan  – this is the city documented area that encompasses the Lehi area

Lehi Community Improvement Association – City of Mesa neighborhood web page  – this site is very slow.

Newsletter – Lehi Community, AZ  July 2007  This is a sample of some previous neighborhood communication.

We are looking for old photographs of the Lehi Area.  Please , if you have any photographs.  She will help get them uploaded to the website. 

is a long time Lehi resident and has an interest in preserving the history of the area.


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