Posted by: Gay Potter | June 23, 2008

First Post on my Blog – Focus – Giving back – Hoops of Hope

Austin GuttweinToday I heard a young man speak to an audience of approximately 400 seated and video projected to many more in a remote location.  What he had to say made me think about exactly what I would want my blog to say or encourage in each and every blog.  I had been working on this thought for a couple of days.   This young man was 14 years old and has been on a quest to raise money to help children who he has never met.  His message boiled down to………make a difference in at least one persons life and he encouraged everyone to look inside themselves to see what gifts God had given them and what they could do to use these skills to improve someone else’s life.   I am new to blogging – I have read many blogs, some not so positive and many that complain without solution.   My focus in my blog will be to always be positive.    I am going to take this young man’s message to heart and use my gifts to improve someone else’s  life. 

To hear what this young man has been inspired to do, see Austin Gutwein NBC profile news clip.   Click on

Remember he is 14 and started this when he was 9 years old.  He has raised money to build a high school in Africa, a medical center the next year and is on target to build another medical facility next to the high school and 1000 bicyles to help transport the medical supplies to areas that need them most.  All  this to help in the education, of African children “he has never met”,  of the hazards of AIDS that is devastating the country and leaving children by the hundreds orphans.  His website is

 Click to be inspired!!!!!!! Click to be motivated!!!!!!!  Click to participate!!!!!!!!!!!

I was touched and motivated – you will be too.



  1. Gay, welcome to the blogosphere. I like the theme you’ve picked…but then, I rather like blue.

    My first suggestion would be to add some type of RSS/subscribe link. Otherwise, you are off to a great start!

  2. Gay – This is fantastic!! I am so excited to see you blogging and jumping in with two feet! Yeah!! Get all your kinks worked out and definitely take Steve’s advice and set up a RSS feed/Email subscription! Love the banner and would love to see you move this over to a real domain of your own on!! You will love it and love the flexibility… now off to work on my new blog today have inspired me too.
    Love the story of the young 14 yr old and his work in Africa. I am going to share this with a Rocky, the wife of Jeff Turner (founder of who is a huge advocate with those in need in Africa also!! How wonderful of a story to share..I love your idea of positive in all your posts. You are running with both feet and I love it! Great job!
    (ps..why did I need to sign in to post a comment)

  3. you talked about things I hold dear…inspiration,motivation, and participation! keep on blogging!

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